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Major League Baseball is nothing short of a festival in the North American continent. America to be precise. The National League and American League have been working in tandem since the early 1900's. Currently, a total of 30 teams compete in the league, 15 each for the NL and the AL. Since the inception, teams have grown, retired, changed their names and places of operation. However, the enthusiasm and the spirit within the field hasn't died down.

Game Format & Structure

MLB's format is simple than complex. Each league contains 15 teams and three divisions. Five teams are present in each division. The first three teams in each league will qualify for the play-offs. The fourth and fifth placed teams will be selected for the wild card rounds. Three knockout stages are present in the play-offs, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. Each stage consists of several legs, the winner at the final leg will move on to the next stage.

Major League Baseball Top players

One name is gaining popularity throughout the MLB. Swinging his bat for the Los Angeles Angels, Mike Trout has had a brilliant season despite his side's failure to qualify. Along with him, Mookie Betts, Jacob deGrom, Freddie Freeman and Juan Soto have thrived in their respective roles.

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Beating all the odds, Atlanta Braves have advanced to the finals in this season. Tampa Bay Rays were discarded in the quarter-finals by the Boston Red Sox. Stopping Boston was Houston Astros, the same ones who will face the Atlanta Braves in the finals. Excitement is high in the air. Celebrations will be all over the country despite whoever wins.

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